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Math Prep school is founded by a math teacher Shikha shah who holds masters degree in Math and Industrial Engineering.Shikha brings in years of experience, a passion to teach math and motive to make math simple for every student.

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Math Prep School is an application based math tutoring program bringing technology and math education on one platform. The program is designed for students who are looking for math enrichment in addition to math learnt at school. Math Prep school provides customized and targeted assignment for every student. Assignments aim at help learning and enhancing students math concepts. Assignments are not mere worksheets that students complete and /or worksheets checked by a computer. It is a lot more than that. Every student has a dedicated math teacher helping them their way through program, by providing feedback and creating assignments in relevance to student’s needs.

  • Math Prep at your home.
  • Math practice at your convenience.
  • Continual feedback and support from Math teacher.

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Math Prep School is the platform for students and teachers both where the teacher provides an assignment, study materials, etc. for the students, And students can view and submit the assignment, study materials.

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